I don’t care if you’ve never watched The Bachelor, have seen every season, or hate-watch it with your bestie…OUR BACHELORETTE IS BLACK AND IT’S AMAZING! Rachel Lindsay is the first black Bachelorette in 34 seasons of The Bachelor franchise and it’s ABOUT DAMN TIME!

Her season kicked off last night with the most diverse cast in the franchise’s history and already you can tell it’s going to be one of the BEST seasons this show has ever seen! Rachel is everything we could have hoped for in a Bachelorette, she’s SMART (hello, she’s a LAWYER), she’s funny, she’s classy, and SO SO GORGEOUS!

I know it’s a silly show but I also cannot tell you what it means to me PERSONALLY to have Rachel looking for love on PRIMETIME TELEVISION. It’s surprisingly rare to see a strong, black role-model as a love interest in film and television! It’s really encouraging to see someone that looks like me step into the spotlight here.

As a BIG BONUS, the extra diverse cast this season also lends itself to the possibility of more diversity in the show going forward! This is historic for the show, and I cannot WAIT to see where it leads us! So I really REALLY hope y’all tune in every Monday, cus trust me. If you’re gonna watch one season of The Bachelorette, it should be this one!

What do you think, did you girlies watch the premiere? Any early favs for a winner? I got me a HUGE crush on Diggy, hey boy I see you!

XO – Alissa

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