Hi! Almost didn’t see you there! I was really into my experiment! When I’m concentrating I’m soooo in my own little world, ya know? You see all my colored beakers behind me? They each contain a substance that does something different. I’m working with two that when you combine them, they fizz and foam! It’s like a mini volcano! My lab is my favorite part of my room. I can test and invent until my heart’s content! I have all the tools and safety materials a girl could ask for to win a Nobel Prize right here!

One weekend I decided that I needed someplace cool to read my comic books which was the perfect excuse for a project. One of my favorite comic characters is an outer space crime fighting dynamo called Moon Girl. She’s totally my hero! I wanted to feel like I was in her world while I read so I painted my walls to make it feel like I was suspended in the cosmos. But that still didn’t solve my problem of having a dedicated comic book reading area. I mean, it was a total necessity, let’s be real! And then it dawned on me! In school I was taking an engineering class and I thought “Wouldn’t it be so cool to build a chair that made it feel like I was floating in space??” So I ran to the home improvement store and bought all of the materials and I built my completely awesome bubble chair! When I’m curled up in there and I look out at my walls, I seriously feel like I’m lost in space- in a good way!

As you can tell, I love creating and experimenting in my room. I would love to hear about the projects you’ve done to make your room your own! Check back next week for a cool experiment you can try at home!

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