Hiya StelloGirls! We’re wrapping up our New York Fashion Week posts but I just HAD to share one of my personal fav TREND ALERTS that I spotted in NYC. Lit clothing. But like, literally – Lit. Up. Clothing. ATTENTION girls – this is one of the best things to happen to fashion in this decade. I’m obsessed with tech and I really like fashion, and this is legit a fab combo of the two. Not sure if you understand JUST how cool this new trend is so obvs I had to include some pics so you can see for yourself!

The image on the bottom are lit up shoes. The soles change color every time you take a step. Kind of like the ones you used to have when you were little -but these are like the older, cooler version. One of the guys working at fashion week was working these kicks. What’s funny is that all the people who work at fashion week are forced to wear only black, so this man clearly decided to express himself via shoes! Ha! Love this! I think it’s pretty genius. All eyes were on him. When he walked his soles went from neon blue to red to green to orange. It was so sick.

Second image is of Perez Hilton. In case you don’t know, he’s a celeb-blogger. Perez walked in with a furry, white floor-length jacket. If that didn’t make him stand out enough, there were lit up bulbs of different colors INSIDE the jacket. So he was like pretty much a walking disco-ball. This is definitely the most wanted item on my fashion week wishlist. I NEED this jacket. I’m going to call up my girl Shachi and see if she can sketch it for me ASAP. Then I need to build a cool prototype – I may even be able to make one of these at home! I’ll keep you girls posted! – SO. Are you up for some lit-up clothing or what ??  #rachael

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