HI YAAA!! It’s RACHAEL here!! Did you miss me ? 😉 So my StelloGirl booboos just finished up their coverage in Espana –I heard they had a KILLER time! And guess what? I JUST landed in the Netherlands – or more specifically – AMSTERDAM!! OH YASSSSS. Get excited girlies get EXCITED because I’m going to take lots of snaps so that it feels like YOU are also spending the week in the Netherlands …. with me! I just got into my hotel so obvi the first thing that I did was start r e s e a r c h i n g. That’s legit the first thing I do whenever I fly somewhere new. Research research research. I just LOVE learning FUN FACTS about different countries and cities in the world <3

So I started googling and found some awesome pics that I wanted to share with you girlies …. So NEON. So FLUORESCENT…. So HIGH-KEY!! I love everything that’s LIT – as you might recall from my fashion week post – hahahah I know I’m obsessed 😉

So APPARENTLY these Dutch people lurv their bikes. But I mean like they LURRRVVVV their bikes. They decorate them in all kinds of crazy fun ways like with flowers and neon lights and pretty baskets for groceries. Some people also go CRAY – they add huge crates to the front and back of their bikes and they pile MASSIVE amounts of things in there — like their little doggies and I even saw one guy biking with THREE kids in his crate. NOO WAYY? YASS WAY! I learned just now that apparently there are more bicycles in the Netherlands than people!!! HOW CRAY IS THAT ??

Also FUN FACT: Tulips are supaaaa popular in the Netherlands. EVEN though they originated in Turkey, they have become a symbol for the Netherlands and if you travel throughout the country a bit – you can see fields full of tulips in the most amazing colors (omg StelloGirl Victoria would just DIEEEEE over these fields!)

OKAY some more last minute fun facts … I’m sorry I just HAVE to share I love me some fun facts. The Dutch introduced COFFEE in Europe. YAS DUTCH PEOPLE YAS thank you for doing that (as I sip some delicious coffee right now I’m feeling uber thankful).

ANDDDD last FUN FACT which also happens to be the WEIRDEST one. 26% of the Netherlands is BELOW sea level!!! Even the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam (where I landed) is 3 meters below sea level – YIKES!!! But obvi you don’t land on water … SERIOUSLY … gotta do some more research and find out how they do that !!! Okay I think I had way too much caffeine or maybe it’s all these FUN FACTS. Or maybe it’s because I feel an adventurous week coming on – but I am SO HYPED. Stay tuned this week for some more posts from the Netherlands. Can’t wait to go exploring. XOXO- Rachael <3

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