Hi GURLZZZZ it’s Rachael here –checking in from Amsterdam. Sooooo REAL TALK: it’s easy to get SUPER stressed out these days … I mean with EVERYTHING we have going on … school, job, boys, friends, parents … LIFE. SO much to do and SO little time!!! You can often find yourself going totally BONKERS. In the U.S. when you’re feeling stressed most people suggest things like therapy, meditation or listening to some calming music –all of which are SUPER HELPFUL BTW. But APPARENTLY the Dutch have their own form of stress-busting, which is … are you ready for it?!?


Or as the Dutch refer to it “KOEKNUFFELEN”. CARAZZZZYYYY I know!

The first time I heard about COW CUDDLING was actually from StelloGirl Victoria, when she heard I was covering the Netherlands she FLIPPED out and told me I HAD to go cow cuddling … at first I thought it was a JOKE, but after doing some research I found out cow-cuddling is a LEGIT form of stress reduction in the Netherlands!

SO obvi I had to check it out for myself. I went yesterday and lemme tell ya it was EVERYTHING you’re probably imagining it to be! The cows are located in special farms around the Netherlands where you go and spend about 3 hours CUDDLING a cow. When I got there I received a pair of DOPE overalls … which I was pretty pleased with since overalls are MAKING A COMEBACK. New Pro pic 😉 And I also swapped my sneakers for some farm boots … I was ROCKING farm vibes HARD <3

After I got dressed up in my new gear I got assigned my own cow who I spent the next three hours hugging and petting <3 It was AMAZE!! My cow (who I named Dotty) was SO sweet, she gave me little kisses on my cheek and tried to snag little nibbles of my clothing every once in a while 😉  I spent some of the time just lying next to Dotty –she’s so massive and radiates so much heat that I kind of felt like a small baby being held by her momma … but in this case the momma was a cow … so overall a bit strange I KNOW …. But I GOTTA admit it – I felt SUPER calm after the whole thing, and HAPPY 😀

BTW THIS IS NOT A DIY. Do not just go cuddle a RANDO cow 😀 These are special hugging cows … they’ve been getting hugs their whole lives –so they’re used to human interaction. I researched it and apparently MOST animals can do the same calming trick 😉 Studies have shown that even just a few minutes of petting a dog releases hormones like serotonin which makes you feel HAPPY and at ease <3 So in the case that you’re totes into the idea but don’t have access to a cuddling cow … well a cute pooch or a kitty is your best bet!!

What do you think about cow cuddling – into it? Not into? LEMME hear your thoughts girlies <3 xooxx -Rachael