Hiiiiii YAAAA – Ra here again 🙂 Amsterdam is treating me SO RIGHT. So ya GURLS already know how cool I think tech is right? You OBVI also know that I have a pet robot, that I created for a tech project 2 years ago … RIGHT!? Her name is Pixie. I even won an award for making her!!! But now she’s family <3 Point is: I’m INTO tech. I think I love tech even more than I love food …

it’s like I LOVE food … but I LURVVV tech 😉 

So anyways I was HIGH KEY excited when I heard there was a sick coding event taking place in AMSTERDAM!! The event was based around the book Hello Ruby Haveeeee youuuu heard of it? The mission behind Hello Ruby is to introduce programming to children from a young age AND the main character is a girl named Ruby, it’s actually a fairytale about her!! YAS. I’m totally into early intervention –let’s get young girls into tech SOONER!! Luckily for me, my dad was always a total techie- so he inspired the techie in me to flourish from a young age. BUT not all girls r so lucky! We neeeeda encourage little girlies to try out techie-style stuff sooner!! They just might be into it. In fact, I think LOADS of girlies would be down to play tech-style games. SO if you have a little sister -try and see if she’s a possible techie … ya NEVER know 😀

Back to the event. It was perfection. Girlies got to craft little laptops -including the hardware . And the explanations were ADORBS -all in kids language. Like how RAM and ROM are siblings and one forgets it all and the other remembers EVERYTHING lolz! There were even cupcakes with little laptops on them! LAPTOPS & CUPCAKES = SUCCESS. Thank you for a super cool event Hello Ruby 😀 My StelloGirls! -If you’re into coding like ME, check out Rails Girls or Girls Who Code -totes INSPIRING! Bye now! XOXO- Rachael


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