Heya girls!! It’s Rachael, checking in from AMSTERDAM!! AHHHH it’s been amaze. Can’t wait to share all the highlights with you 🙂 But first, let’s talk BREAKFAST. I’ve been eating the MOST FUN breakfast eva since I arrived.

The morning after I landed, my alarm buzzed harshly from my phone at 7am. I was DEADDDDD but DETERMINED. My goal was to wake up early, grab an omelet && some coffee and head out to explore the city ASAP. I stumbled sleepily into the breakfast buffet. You know those mornings when you’re SO tired that you’re like nauseous from being tired? YAP it SUCKS. I walked around the buffet slowly -considering my options. Bacon … eggs … cheese? Everything made my stomach churn.

Then I came across a table with LOADS of glass bowls … all filled with sprinkles of EVERY COLOR. I was like WOAHHH where we AT!?!? I felt like I walked onto the set of Charlie & the choco factory. The guy behind the booth saw my puzzled face && offered to make me a “typical” Dutch breakfast. I pointed at the sprinkles -together they looked like a massive rainbow, “This is typical!?!” He laughed at my question and nodded. Sooo OBVI I was like YAPP … one typical Dutch breakfast PALEASE!

2 minutes later he gave me the bread that you see in my pic. WOWZERRRSSS. It’s bread with four different kinds of sprinkles. Two were chocolate flavored and two were fruity. But they’re NOT like American sprinkles … these are much softer, sugary GOODNESS that melt in your mouth. SOO DELISH. UR probs thinking … OK that guy thought u were 10 && served you the children’s breakfast. Well I thought that too! But apparently ALL Dutch people (even those above 4 yrs of age) eat this stuff for breakfast!!

HELLO these people eat CANDY for bfast && it’s totes accepted and encouraged. So OBVI my conclusion is that I officially want to move here forever. Love ya AMSTERDAM <3 StelloGIrlies … check check check back in soon! I have LOADS of adventures from the Netherlands … can’t wait to share with u!! XOXOXO – Rachael♥

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