All hail Sheryl Sandberg… yap yap yap u one of the QUEEEEENS of the girl empowerment movement <3 I am SOO digging this quote. Sheryl so right. When you’re offered opportunities in life … TAKE THEM! This should be life motto ALWAYS. The thing is that we don’t really realize just how often we receive opportunities, that’s cuz we take little things for granted. But if we open our eyes – we see that opportunities are all around us – and that they often come in unexpected forms. Sometimes it’s a clear-cut opportunity, like getting a really cool project at school, or a promotion at work. Sometimes opportunities also hide in the form of rejection or the end of something. When one door closes, another one simultaneously opens and voilà !! Before you know it, the end of one thing has created the beginning of another. Opportunities can even come in the form of a helping hand – or even just a smile 🙂 When you find a hand reaching out to you … TAKE IT!!!

Usually the bigger the opportunity, the harder it is to take. Because the more you want something – the more it scares you, am I right or AM I RIGHT !? 😛 But, like our girl Sheryl says — if you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship…. Don’t ask what seat…. JUST GET ON THE DARN THING ALREADY!!! Because no matter how scared you are, doing is always better than not doing. ACTIVE is always better than passive and knowing is always better than wondering ….. try not to over-analyze girlies … JUST DO IT. xoxoox- StelloGirls.

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