DAS RIGHT GURLS. A QUEEN is never afraid of failure. Well of course, sometimes it’s scary 😉 But the point is, failure is just one more step towards success. So go get em gurls!!!

In honor of women’s history month we’re highlighting our FAV empowered QUEENS. Today we’re giving a shout out to the QUEEN of all QUEENS – OPRAH!!!!

Why do we LURV Oprah so much? SO MANY REASONS! She was born into poverty, with the odds against her and turned herself into a massive success. Did you know that she’s the first African American woman billionaire ??!!! OH YAS. Her talk show was # 1 in the U.S. for 23 consecutive seasons -wowzaaaa <3 Oprah was one of the first talk show hosts to show her vulnerability to her audience. She is always honest about her own struggles and insecurities, she never pretends to be perfect – and we are OBSESSSSED with that – because no. one. is. perfect. Even Oprah 😉

Beyond her massive personal success Oprah is also a huge philanthropist, we LURV a woman who has a lot AND gives back A LOT. Considered to be the most influential woman of her generation – Oprah Winfrey you OWN the game. Keep killlin it 🙂 xoxoox – StelloGirls

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