Oh Lena Dunham! YASSS <3 We LURVVVV this quote.

Lena is SUCH a fierce KWEEEEN!!

Her work on her hit show GIRLS (which she wrote AND starred in) is extraordinary, so much so that she is considered by many as the voice of her generation! WOWZAAA. Maybe u don’t REALLY agree, but one thing is FO SHO -what makes Lena’s work SO good is that it feels AUTHENTIC. And why is it authentic? Because Lena isn’t afraid to put herself on the line -she keeps it 100. She isn’t afraid of showing us her imperfect body & has revealed that she puts more effort into how she looks IRL than on her show … now that’s some BOLDDDD stuff! She does this on purpose because she wants us to see REALITY on scripted TV, which we so often DON’T!!

The leading ladies in Lena’s show are NOT like most of the leading ladies we see on other hit shows. They’re REAL. Sure, sometimes they are mean and ANNOYING, but they are also lovable and fascinating. She makes us feel a connection to the characters, mostly because they have bits and pieces of ourselves in them. They have our sweet bits, our mean bits, our deeply selfish bits and also our generous ones, they are imperfect –just like ALL of us!!!!


We LURV that Lena saw a role that she wanted to play, and when it wasn’t available to her, she went out and WROTE one. Lena didn’t let other people dictate her life … instead she took the negativity she saw and turned it into an opportunity. GIRLIES, we all gotta do the same thang! If you reach the sea without a boat, BUILD ONE! Big kisses to you BOOBOOS. XOOX- StelloGirls.