YASS J-LAW YASS! THANK YOU for saying exactly what you think -most celebs don’t do this:D Here at StelloGirls we like to be positive, but if we’re keeping it 100 well then the truth is … YES. There will always be some bi***es out there trying to bring you down for no reason!! It’s hard at first, especially if you’re a nice person, to know how to deal with haters. Like for ex, sometimes when someone is mean to me, I only realize it a couple of hours later! Like I need to digest the meanness or something 🙂 I used to really care A LOT when people weren’t nice to me. I would try to figure out what happened or why it happened. Then I realized some people are just bi***es and like J-law says, DON’T WORRY about these people!!! I actually tend to feel SORRY for people who are mean for no reason -it normally means that they have so much negativity in their life that they have to take it out on you -and that’s too bad for them.

In my opinion there is no need to be rude or mean to ANYONE – unless someone has intentionally tried to hurt you. If you meet someone, or if you have someone in your life who isn’t nice to you, or does not bring positivity into your life well then Ctrl + Alt + DELETE DELETE DELETE them out of your life! Aint NOBODY got TIME for people who don’t want the best for you. Period. Surround yourself with positive people who care for you and who want you to succeed.

This month we’re featuring our FAV FIERCE QUEEEENS for women’s history month. So of course we had to include Jennifer Lawrence. TBH it was super hard to choose a J-LAW quote because ALL of her quotes are so GOOD. Seriously. Everything she says makes me love love love her. She’s one of those celebs that I feel like I could really chill with. Plus she talks A LOT about body positivity && unlike most celebs she admits just how obsessed she is with food (us too J-LAW, us too!!!) and the reason I love her most? Well because she keeps it 100. I love that she’s herself – even on the red carpet -she’s authentic. Big kisses from me to you J-LAW. xoxox – Yoyo

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