Ellen DeGeneres we LYL && we’re really feeling this quote right now. It’s kind of something I have to remind myself everyday. See the thing is that most of the time we are so consumed by our own thoughts that we don’t really see outside ourselves. Sometimes being absorbed by your own thoughts is a GOOD thing … especially if you’re a person with positive thoughts … then it’s like you have ur own little cheerleader inside ur head && that be AWESOME. 👯

But HOLD UP … what if your thoughts are totally negative ? Well then that kinda changes EVERYTHING. Sometimes we have uber bad thoughts. We label ourselves negatively, we’re mean to ourselves && we assume that the people around us are thinking the same thing. BUT THAT AINT TRUE!!! Most of the time the people around us are much nicer to us than we are to ourselves. That’s because they see us through unbiased eyes, they don’t have all the history, memories & cognitive distortions that we know so well.

REAL TALK: Everyone has cognitive distortions – which are basically like irrational thoughts that you kind of KNOW aren’t true && are unhealthy to think of – but it’s much harder to STOP these thoughts. What we have to remind ourselves is that these distortions are FALSE & not beneficial to us. When you have these thoughts try to gently push them aside & instead force urself to change that thought into a more POSITIVE one! EX: If I think to myself “I’m so ugly, everyone around me thinks I’m ugly too!” then change it around && give it a little positive spin, like “I feel less pretty today, but everyone has those days.” So I’m not saying GO CRAY CRAY & delude urself … but … just be NICER to urself && try ur hardest to see urself through the positive eyes of the people around you. 🤗XOXOXO -StelloGirls 💋💋

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