Oh Demi Lovato. We WUV you loads. How true is this quote? SO TRUE. I feel that as girls we’re constantly getting subtle reinforcement that we need someone to save us. I mean I don’t know about you but that’s FO SHO something that I realized when I got a bit older. The movies I watch, the television shows I see and even the books I read constantly reinforce this narrative: that the main character gets “saved” in the end – sometimes by a friend, sometimes by a fairy godmother... and most of the time by a handy prince-type fella 😉 Don’t get me wrong… I’m actually a romantic at heart so I LOVE IT TOO. All the princessy stuff! The knight who comes to rescue you, the white horse… it’s dreammmmmmmy && it’s FUNNNN 😉 But I think it’s important to realize that that’s what it is … fun. Not a way of life. Demi’s totes right – at some point we realize that only we can really save ourselves, and yes IT IS scary, but it’s also EMPOWERING. When you accept that you hold all the power to your own life, it scares the *@&# out of you, but it also reminds you just HOW powerful you are. BTW it doesn’t mean we have to CUT OUT the princes from our lives 😉 NOOOO WAYYY that would be NO FUN!! It just means that the prince isn’t actually the one saving you… YOU are. Don’t take away the credit from yourselves girlies, OWN IT.

In honor of women’s history month we’re giving big SHOUT OUTS to our FAVVVV fierce QUEEENs. Demi Demi Demi. YAS. YAS. YAS. We are so obsessssssed with u boo <3 What we love most about you is how honest you are about the struggles you’ve been through. To see a FIERCE QUEEEEN like you rise from low points in her life inspires us. And your KILLER bada** energy gives us LIFEEEEE. Gurllll u da KING <3

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