All hail the QUEEEN B. This quote is so ON POINT. Our natural instinct is to want EVERYTHING to be absolutely PERFECT. Right? Butttttttt, if everything was perfect then we would never have to change and without change, we stop evolving, we stop moving forward, AKA we stop LIVING. That’s why we need to remember that imperfection propels us, imperfection motivates us and imperfection brings us LIFEEEE. Thnnnx for the reminder beybey 😉

In honor of women’s history month we’re giving shoutouts to our FAV queeeeeens. Beyoncé is a true inspiration to us <3 Most of Bey’s songs and music videos promote girl empowerment… who runs the world? GIRLS. YAS YAS YAS. Mood be like:

Beyond her empowering themes we also LURV that bey is a BOSS queen. You can tell she’s totes a workaholic and we LURV that, because she’s not one of those famous people who pretends like they don’t struggle. Bey is the first to admit how hard she works, and promotes the idea that if you want something bad enough – you gotta work for it. We totes believe that too!!! If something is really good – TRUST that you’re probs going to have to be patient && werk werk werk for it <3
xoxoxooxo -StelloGirls

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