Yo StelloGirls!! Yoyo here 😀 SOOO unless you’ve been living under a rock your whole life you are familiar with glitter QUEEN Kesha!! Tik Tok is totally still the #1 dance jam and we ALL KNOW IT. Recently she’s been going through a LONG, intense, and seriously heartbreaking legal battle with her former music producer Dr. Luke. Because of this she hasn’t been able to record new music in YEARS and she definitely hasn’t been allowed to perform live. Like, can you imagine that? Not being able to do the thing you love most in the world? Not being able to share your gift with the world? That’s COMPLETELY ridiculous!

We at StelloGirls are HUGE HUGE HUGE supporters of Kesha, she gets knocked down but she NEVER gives up! This whole week we’ve been wondering if she would be able to perform at the Billboard Music Awards after announcing on her insta that she wasn’t going to be allowed to sing her tribute to Bob Dylan. So we were TOTES THRILLED when we learned that YAS! SHE WOULD BE ABLE TO PERFORM AFTER ALL! and uhm, spoiler alert: SHE CRUSHED IT!!!! She looked jaw-droppingly FIERCE on the red carpet wearing a Dylan-inspired purple suit. That look was EVERYTHING ….ladies in suits is COMPLETELY MY AESTHETIC! LIKE HELLO – SUCH a boss move.

Real talk, I don’t even really WATCH music award shows but I just KNEW this was a CAN’T-MISS moment! And OMG, I was totally right. By the time she took the stage I was in full blown freak out mode!!! KESHA BROUGHT THAT FIRE!!! Her b-e-a-UTIFUL version of Bob Dylan’s “It Ain’t Me Babe”, was JUST her, accompanied with a violin and Ben Folds on the piano and you could FEELLLL the emotion she was pouring into the performance. Like seriously girls, I had tears just streaming down my face. And can we talk a minute about the lyrics to DAT song?? DATS REAL STUFF 💔

Unlike some of last night’s performers, Kesha was singing live and completely OWNED it. She finished to a much-deserved STANDING OVATION!! Kesha is a voice for a LOT of people who can’t speak up for themselves, and last night she sang straight from her heart with so much courage and vulnerability. Even though she’s gone through A LOT she hasn’t let it harden her, and that takes REAL strength. WE LOVE YOU KESHA. STAY STRONG GURL. xxx StelloGirls 💋👊