Heyaa StelloGirls <3 Fashion Week coverage is officially over and each of us StelloGirls are back in our hometowns.

It’s weird going back to school after such a crazy fun adventure with my squad. I really miss all of my girlies and NYC.

The other day I was feeling a little down -so I wrote a poem. I find that whenever I feel sad it really helps me to write! I get to express myself and let out all of my emotions, instead of keeping them bottled up inside.

For some reason a lot of people like to pretend like they’re never sad. It took me a really long time until I realized that everyone feels sad sometimes. DUH. Don’t pay attention to fakers. I think it makes much more sense for people to be open about their moments of sadness – that way we can help each other through them. That’s why I decided to share my poem with you girlies. Oh and on the plus side – some of my best work comes from moments of sadness!!

I would love to hear what you girls think of my poem. Sending you all big XOXOX’s -Adi

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