Greetings Girlies, iiiiiiit’s RACHAEL! I hope everyone is having a super FAB Monday because I TOTALLY am! I know. Not normal, I mean who enjoys a MONDAY!? But…HEY, feeling those GOOD vibes and I’m gunna EMBRACE them. Though I have a sneaking suspicion that it has to do with some of the SWEET things I got while shopping today 😀

I’m starting to realize that as I get older my tastes are changing a little bit. When I was younger I
H A T E D the color pink because I thought it was ONLY for girly girls …. which I never was. But now I am TOTALLY feeling the pink vibes! It’s so obnovious that there is this HUGE stereotype put on a COLOR. NEWSFLASH PEOPLE- colors don’t have GENDER and whoever says pink is for a certain type of girl can GET OVER IT. PINK ROCKS and also makes for a pretty GLAM INSTAGRAM!

OK totally ranted, back to main point: I GOT ADORBZ STUFF TODAY! The result of a VERY successful trip to Target (aka almost every trip to Target ever, let’s be real). First check out this plate: Be. Happy. Always. OK so that’s not always a realistic expectation but it IS a goal to strive for! Plus look how PERF this cupcake looks on top of it!

I’ve also been wanting one of those instant cameras for a WHILE. I’m a scientist AND a blogger, so a reliable camera that gives me those vintage vibes is a MUST. STELLO TIP: the Fujifilm camera is $10 CHEAPER at Target than at Urban Outfitters – the more you know 😉

Well, THAT’S ALL! I wonder if you girls LURV my little purchases as much as me!?!  For all them Target shoppers out there – what’s your FAV recent purchase?

XOXO – Rachael