Greetings Girlies!! It’s your girl Rachael here! 

It’s BASICALLY Spring time and when the seasons change I ALWAYS feel the need to change up my look! I know we’re still about a month away from it OFFICIALLY being Spring but the weather has been insanely WARM recently and it feels like it’s already started! AND you girlies know me…I like to get a head start on EVERYTHING so I went ahead and changed it up already! 


What do you girlies think? TOO CUTE RIGHT?! Pink hair is totally my FAV new trend! I saw all those celebs looking FRESH AS HELL and I was like YUP! I can do that!

pink baby

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I know hair trends come and go, but there is something TIMELESS about pink hair! There are so many different varieties and shades of pink you can REALLY customize and make it your OWN! PLUS the color is insanely flattering on EVERY skin tone! 

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The second I walked out of the salon I felt like I was GLOWING! They say blondes have more fun but honestly….I think pink hair is more fun! It’s soft and feminine but can also be BADA$$!!! The possibilities are endless and it’s just another AMAZE way to express yourself!


The only trouble is that pink FADES pretty quickly so there is a lot of upkeep!! BUT even the fade out is GORGEOUS! So for me it’s a WIN-WIN!

What do you girlies think of the trend? LURV IT? HATE IT? Let us know in the comments! 

XOXO – Rachael