Hello beautiful world ! It’s me, Victoria! Hmmm what can I tell you about me? Well first off I’m a hippie girl through and through. You’re probably thinking, what’s a hippie girl anyway? Well it just means that I love our beautiful earth! I love animals, the outdoors, healthy food and especially faux-fur! Every morning I get up early before school and walk through the forest near my house. I call it the “Magic Forest” because it totally speaks to me. You’re probably like, ummm the forest can’t speak, but hear me out! The next time you find yourself in the woods, stop talking, put your phone away and just listen. Just be present in the moment and open your ears to the magic of mother nature. Suddenly you start to hear the forest’s voice- the sound of the river flowing, the birds singing to one another, the tree branches whispering in the wind. It’s beautiful.

Ooh I forgot to mention one of the most important things about me! I have a hella cute pet owl. His name is … Owl. I know, not super original but it totally fits his personality. I bring Owl practically everywhere with me except for school because they have this weird no-animal policy 😉

Do you ever feel like it’s easier to connect with animals than other people? I mean don’t get me wrong! I LOVE my friends- going to dinner together, having sleepovers, etc, etc. But sometimes I just get overwhelmed and I have to escape for a little bit. That’s when I go to my favorite spot- the forest. Once I feel the dirt under my feet, my body feels the urge to run towards the calm of the forest … I feel free <3

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