WHAT UP GIRLZ! It’s Shachi coming at you live from ORLANDO FLORIDAAAAAAA!!!! AAAH! I had to get up SO. EARLY. today to catch my flight but that doesn’t matter. I’m here, it’s lit, and it’s gonna be a BEAUTIFUL DAY! What am I doing in Florida? Well I’m here for the annual STAR WARS CONVENTION!! YAS YAS YAS! 

OBVS because I’m traveling to such a SUNNY place I HAD to pack ALL THE MILLENNIAL PINK! I’m obsessed with this trend, I know, WHO KNEW I’d lurv pink so much but I do! Don’t worry though, I also brought PLENTY of Star Wars themed outfits for the trip and I can’t wait for ya’ll to see ‘em! THEY’RE INCREDIBLE! I’m so ready to visit a galaxy far, far AWAY! 

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XOXO – Shachi