Hi lovely StelloGirls -it’s Adi 🙂 I wrote a little something for my post today. Hope you like <3 <3 keep writing girlies!!

I step out of the cab and slam the door

The car takes off and becomes a yellow dot

That mixes with dozens of other yellow dots

In this incredible sea 

Of cars and people and buildings and smoke.


I can’t see the people themselves

In all the curls, waves, black, white, brown…

They’re moving so fast!

Feet clad in boots, kicks, ballerina flats…

Moving together in synchronized disharmony


It’s a dizzying blur and I get lost

But the energy starts to creep in

It’s permeating my skin, my hair

And I suddenly feel the rush of this city

The knowledge that anything can happen


It’s New York girlies!

This incredible city they say doesn’t sleep

I don’t want to sleep either… Would you??

It’s time to make more noise, 

To stand out in these massive crowds of faces!


Chicas, I’m off to Fashion Week

A second sea of hair, shoes and fabulous clothes

Of flowing movement and electric energy

And now I’m ready for it…

Headed for the runway and signing off


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