SQUEAK squeak girls! It’s lil ol’ Midori here!! My girl Adi is going CRAZY with the New Year’s Clean Up! AAAAH! WHY?! She’s already taken down the Christmas tree and most of the decorations! NOOOO! I’m so sad! I LURVED having all those decorations everywhere! It made the house SUPER cozy, cute, and CRAZY colorful!

I guess Adi wants to start off CLEAN AND FRESH for January! I guess I understand that. It’s a time for new beginnings and I THINK Adi is working on something SUPER EXCITING! I’ve seen her running around with HEAPS of post-its and scraps of paper with words all over ’em! She even started a new diary and it’s got that heavenly new book smell! (I’ve been told I am totally NOT allowed to nibble on the pages…we’ll see how long that lasts :p)

I’m not sure EXACTLY what she’s up to…but her space is looking ready for creativity to strike! You know what…actually I love the space now! I can hop around without bumping into all the deocrations, HA!

Talk soon girlies! Can’t wait for Adi to share her project with all of us! I know it’s gonna be AMAZE! Check back on Saturday for her DIY!

Happy Hops!
XOXO – Midori