Looking for the perfect Summer treat? I GOT YOU BABES, don’t even worry. Girlies meet mochi, mochi meet girlies! If you’ve never had this Japanese deliciousness before it’s gonna change your life! I’ve been a Mochi lover since I was little, thanks to growing up ASIAN. It’s basically a way of life, but if you don’t know what it is, Mochi is ice cream wrapped in sweet rice dough and it comes in a BUNCH of different flavors but the most popular ones you’ll find are green tea, chocolate, and strawberry! YUM!

Honestly you can (and should) eat mochi any time of year for ANY occasion, it’s so good! But it has also proven to be the PERF summer treat because of the doughy outside the ice cream doesn’t melt all over hands creating a sticky mess! It’s also super easy to share and because it comes in small, round, balls you can EAT A BUNCH, or only one (WHO EATS JUST ONE. HONESTLY.)

My FAV place to get them is, believe it or not, TRADER JOE’S! YES. TJ’S REALLY DOES HAVE IT ALL!

I’m actually looking for some recipes now to MAKE MY OWN Mochi. I just feel like I’ve graduated from eater to MAKER and this summer seems like the perfect time to try my hand at my own Mochi creations! SO, girlies, if anyone has any suggestions on how to cook this up let me know! I will FOR SURE loop you all in when I tackle it myself!

So girls, are you Mochi converts? What’s your fav flavor? LET ME KNOW!

XO – Victoria

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