Namaste Girlies, it’s Victoria here! You’ve all heard of SOULCYCLE right? The spin studio has basically reached CULT status! You either LURV IT or you hate it..and girlies…I LURV IT!! The hype around SoulCyle is REAL! It’s not just the spin that gets you…it’s the COMMUNITY!

It seriously feels like a sweat lodge but with SPINNING! You get totally into it on a SPIRITUAL level, and girlies you know I’m all about THAT! The instructor is fit, fabulous, and YELLING AT YOU to give it your ALL! And you’re there, pushing yourself to the beat of a Sia Remix like YAS. I. CAN!

As soon as I entered the building I knew I was in for a SERIOUS workout! The lobby was DECKED OUT in inspirational slogans and filled with women just coming out of the class before me! They looked sweaty, happy, and PROUD of themselves! I could not WAIT to feel that same sense of accomplishment! I got my spin shoes, found my bike, and got ready for the ride of a lifetime! 

Even though this was my first time I didn’t really want anyone to know it. The staff was SUPER HELPFUL but theres something about ASKING for help adjusting the bike that seemed so embarrassing and got my anxiety all up in a thither!! So I just figured it out myself, it actually wasn’t that hard! The shoes clicked right in and I was READY TO GO!

The actual ride was INTENSE! The instructor popped up onto the stage and let us know that even though we’re in it as a team, feel free to go at your own pace! “This is SOULCYCLE!” She yelled into her Britney Spears mic, “Where you can have it your way…but don’t get crazy!” Then we TOOK OFF to a heavy beat Jay-Z Song! I managed to take a short video near the end of the ride! You can totally hear how the music and the instructor just get you INSPIRED!!

I’m going to be completely honest with you girlies…Soulcycle was. H A R D! I was SWEATING like a beast and definitely not going as fast as the other people! Though the best thing about this was that it was basically dark and the instructor kept telling us not to worry about everyone else. Do this for YOU otherwise what’s the point! Between the candlelight and the instructor yelling the inspirational catchphrases I hit a whole other level of CLARITY! I was sweating, working hard, and HERE FOR ME! It felt INCREDIBLE to be in the middle of this group made up mostly of women and just PUSH MYSELF! I poured out everything that had been weighing on my mind and channeled it into the bike! I came out feeling just as peaceful and energized as I do after yoga or some SERIOUS meditation! The plus side of this is that also did some butt kicking cardio!! YAS YAS YAS!

I will MOST DEFINITELY be back, and YUP. I understand the cult like obsession with SoulCycle! It was MAGICAL and I felt like I could conquer the WORLD afterwards! 

…because we wheely like you! #happyvalentinesday

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What about you girlies? Has anyone else tried Soulcycle or any other Spin Studio? What did you think? Share in the comments!

XOXO – Victoria