Hola chicas! It’s your bae SUSANA!!!! My girl Adi turned me onto IPSY bags and I got my FIRST ONE this week! An array of makeup delivered right to my door? HELLO, TAKE MY MONEY PLEASE! LOL, it’s like this Subscription was MADE for me! I’m already obsessed! Check out all the goodies delivered this month below!

Is it wrong that my FAV thing from my makeup bag this month is the BAG?! LOL! I can’t help it, okay LOOK AT THIS THING! It’s like you’re about to rampage on the bumper cars or find love on the ferris wheel! It’s too cute and got me READY for summer! 

OFRA Cosmetics – Peach Blush

Okay so PEACH blush is a total MUST have color right now, (Looking at YOU Too-Faced)! Peach is like synonymous with FRESH and FLIRTY! So on trend, I lurv it!

MintPear – Vitamin C Serum

I haven’t met a serum I didn’t like! This one uses vitamin C (duh) to keep my skin YOUNG and GLOWING! FOREVER YOUNG BABES! I’m actually never sure if these types of serums DO anything…but they feel GREAT!

Luseta Beauty Volume Reviving Dry Shampoo

I am NO stranger to dry shampoo, in fact I don’t do go ANYWHERE without it! What I love about this one is that my hair doesn’t feel chalky afterwards, which trust me NOBODY wants! Plus it’s got this sweet, floral scent to keep your hair FRESHHHHHHH despite the fact you haven’t washed it in two days! We’ve all been there!

Defy & Inspire – Paradise Island

I LOVE THAT THIS COLOR IS CALLED PARADISE ISLAND! I feel like I’ve been seeing this tropical color EVERYWHERE this season so I’m really glad I get the chance to rock it! 

ColorPop Cosmetics – Creme Gel Pencil in DTLA

Oooh, another blue item in my bag?! Must be a TREND! I am LOVING this super creamy formula too, makes doing my EXTRAVAGANT eye decor super easy! Plus I wore this on a day I forgot to take my allergy meds and let’s just say, it HOLDS. UP. GIRL.

LOVE IT or what?! Let me know your FAV Ipsy item in the comments! Want your own Ipsy?

XOXO – Susana

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