YO StelloGirls what’s poppin? You girlies know that I’m high key obsessed with art murals, riiiiiight? SO when I saw this mural of Albert Einstein I was hard core FEELING IT. What I love about outdoor murals is the way they catch you off guard. Ya know? Like you’re just walking down the street, minding your own business and BOOM- the city finds a way to reach you. In actuality, the city’s walls are covered with TONS of riddled messages that artists leave for us onlookers. It’s like these artists create little gifts for us, scattered around the city, but we have to open our eyes to see them. That’s the thing about us city people though …. there’s SO much going on that we kind of forget to PAUSE for a sec and just take it all in. It sucks in a ton of ways because imagine ALL of the beautiful things we’re missing when our heads are glued to our phones, or when we’re preoccupied with our daily routines. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m the SAME way, that’s why when something catches my eye all of a sudden it makes me SO happy.

My FAV moment is when an art mural comes at you at the exact, precise, right moment. Ya feel me? It’s like yesterday when I walked by this mural I was contemplating A LOT of things, like about life and the choices I make, and ya know whether or not I make the right ones… I think we all get into those moods -AM I RIGHT GURLZ!? And then I just walked by Einstein, with his “Love is the Answer” poster – it really HIT me. He was such a scientific, left-brain sort of man, he was beyond a genius, and yet this man who was so governed by the laws of physics and the rigid rules of science, well in the end even HE said that it all comes down to love. And I mean, who am I to argue with Einstein? 😉

Suddenly I was filled with ease and understanding, and even though it sounds kinda CRAY… I felt like I was supposed to walk by this mural at the moment that I did. Sometimes life is funny like that, it sneaks up on you, the puzzles all fit suddenly and everything kind of seems to be the way it should. AH look at me getting all EMOSHHH – but for reals, I think we have to really live life with this motto: Love is the answer. Whatever you have in your life that stems from a place of real love…. hold onto it tight and HARD … because those are the things that are worth the most. And the rest of it…. The things that don’t bring you love, or happiness, or joy, well you gotta reconsider those things 😉 Thank you to the artist who left this little gem here- I wish I knew your name 😉 INSPIRED. Xoox- Shachi


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