Greetings girlies! It’s me, RACHAEL! As you know I LURV finding and supporting Kickstarter projects! My latest one is the Mover Kit from Technology Will Save Us! LOL, how great is that company name? Technology Will Save Us…well it will either save us OR we’re gonna have to battle robots for control of the planet the future! Either way I’m INTO IT! The company makes these AWESOME little kits that combine building, craft, science, technology, and coding with fun and PLAY!

I WISH I had these when I was growing up, they’re INCREDIBLE! OBVIOUSLY I had to get my hands on the Mover Kit, it combines moving, building, and CODING! It’s totally LIT…and it also LIGHTS UP so it’s LITERALLY LIT! 😀 😀 😀

Let me show you what this gorgeous STEM toy can do! (For those of you that don’t know STEM is term used for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics! All my FAV subjects!)

When you first get your kit you need to assemble it YOURSELF!

The box says it takes 15 minutes but honestly it only took me like five minutes. After you’ve put it together you get to program your own little LIGHT SHOW!

It feels so AMAZING to program the device and then actually see the lights work the way YOU intended them to! It’s so empowering when you teach yourself how to do something!! Like “I build this toy, AND IT WORKS!” IDK girlies, it just feels so good! Like I can do ANYTHING!

The Mover Kit can also be used as a bike light AND they have these competitions that encourage you to try something different that you maybe hadn’t thought of! Like using the kit to make LIGHT PAINTINGS! AMAZE RIGHT?!

Please please PLEASE check out their website and maybe order your own kit! And who knows, maybe you’ll love it so much you’ll want to get into STEM!

XOXO – Rachael