Hey girl, hey! Monroe here! I’m SO EXCITED I’m practically bouncing off the walls! My girl Susana has gotten all CRAFTY and I cannot WAIT to find out what she’s been making!!! 

Look at all these labels and ribbons! I LURV ribbons. Best. Toys. Ever. On top of that it smells CRAZY good in here! Like Christmas cookies…but…like she isn’t BAKING. Which is a good thing because let’s face it, I love her but the girl CANNOT work an oven! Last time she attempted anything CLOSE to baking we had to call the fire department and the house smelled like burnt plastic for a WEEK.  

So I hope I figure out what she’s up too soon…it’s making me jumpy! And I’m already SOOOOO jittery with Christmas coming up! We’ve got LOADS to do and places to go and people to see! I’m gonna go on a mission to stop this insanity! Bark at ya later girlz!