WHATS UP GIRLIES! It’s Shachi here! The rain will NOT STOP here in LA! And honestly that’s so great because we NEED IT but also…uhm…it’s starting to FLOOD a little bit? Like I might have to take a canoe to school tomorrow! LOL I’ll keep you updated. In the meantime, the countdown to Miss Universe is ON! Only SIX (OMG) DAYS until we’ll know WHO will take home the crown!!!

The pageant is actually being held in the PHILIPPINES this year, which is cools because our reigning Queen,Pia Wurtzbach, is from the Philippines! So OBVS we GOTTA talk about Miss Universe Philippines 2017!! Her name is Maxine Medina and honestly after learning a little about her I’m a total #Maxinatic! LOL! She does basically everything! She’s a model, an interior designer, and a volleyball player! She’s also hard core into giving back, even participating in the relief operations for typhoon victims in the Philippines.

I gotta say…even though I AM rooting for Miss India in this one, I’m also REALLY hoping Maxine wins!! Plus how cool would it be for her to be crowned by Pia!! LURV!

Find out who will be the Queen THIS SUNDAY January 29th on FOX at 7/6c LIVE from The Philippines!

XOXO – Shachi