Namaste Girlies!! It’s Victoria! It’s Sunday night and unfortunately that means that tomorrow is MONDAY. BLERG. But the good news is that we are ONE WEEK CLOSER to #MISSUNIVERSE! YAAAAS! It’s been so great to learn all about the contestants from around the GLOBE and how they are out there being CONFIDENT and SMASHING those stereotypes!!

Like have you girlies met Cherell Williamson? She’s MISS UNIVERSE BAHAMAS and I’m totally obsessed with her! She’s a makeup artist, face painter, jewelry designer, AND entrepreneur! She’s also a competitive swimmer! LIKE WHAT?! I can barely find the time to do all my school work! I LURV seeing these ladies out there doing WORK, just goes to show that there is no ONE WAY to be beautiful!!! You can be YOURSELF and know that you are GORGEOUS just the way you are!

The Bahamas are SOOO gorgeous and I bet they’re proud to be repped by a BADA$$ like Cherell! Can’t wait to see her being the fire later this month at the Miss Universe pageant!!

Tell us, who are YOU most excited to see and WHY!?

XOXO – Victoria