Hey hey girlies! It’s Adi! It’s FINALLY Friday! That means it’s a FULL WEEKEND of #MissUniverse CRAZINESS starting NOW! Yoyo is on her way to the Philippines to meet ALL THE GIRLS and I’m SO JELLY! BUUUT I got school, so I’ll just watch her SnapStories on repeat and pretend I’m THERE! LOL! You still have a chance to send in your QUESTIONS for all the contestants though! Tell us in the comments what YOU WANT TO KNOW and Yoyo will ask!!! Make sure you’re following us on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK so you can catch ALL the MISS UNIVERSE ACTION!

SPEAKING of Miss Universe…have you girlies met Tania Dawson, AKA MISS NEW ZEALAND?! She’s INCREDIBLE! Obviously has a GREAT sense of humor but she’s also someone who LURVS to LEARN! She’s a secondary teacher in Media Studies and Drama. Can you IMAGINE if your teacher was Miss Universe?! LIKE OMG! I hope she wins just to see the LOOK on her student’s faces!!! I love learning all about the contestants and seeing all the different ways you can be BEAUTIFUL!

There is NO ONE WAY!  


XOXO – Adi