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WADDUP GIRLS of the world? It’s Yoyo checking in from the StelloGirls’ HQ. Don’t have a CLUE who the StelloGirls are!? No biggie! We’re a group of empowered, BAD#$%, unapologetic teen girls who blog and vlog about EVERYTHING related to teen life, from event coverage, to fashion to DIY’s to our own personal struggles, we talk about it ALL. And let’s keep it 100, being a girl today is NOT easy. We spread empowerment, we want all of us girls to UNITE, to be fearless, to say YES instead of no, to be positive, to be opinionated and most of all, to be FREE. Get to my know my StelloGirls here, they’re LEGEND.

WHAT. IS. UP. Shachi here, I’m the StelloGirl with the HUGE, unruly hair and that pretty much sums up my personality too. I’m not a big fan of rules, I like leaving my stamp on things. There are two things you should MUST know about me, ONE, I’m an artist. You can find me around town spray painting empowering messages for all you girlies,  SHOUT OUT! And TWO- I skateboard EVERYWHERE. Why get into a car when you can feel KILLER on a DOPE skateboard with your hair blowing in the wind?! Easy choice here girls 😀



Hi girlies! It’s Rachael and I’m ready to BLAST OFF! I’m a proud #NERD and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I love to hack things, if I see a new tech device I need to get my hands on it ASAP, break it apart, analyze it and put it back together again! My room is basically a science lab, where I spend most of my nights mixing up solutions and trying out new experiments. The more difficult the experiment, the more INTO it I am, sometimes I lose complete track of time! In my free time I love to stargaze and OF COURSE dig into my favorite classic comics!


Namaste girls, my name is Victoria! I’m the Zen Kween of the StelloGirls. I love Yoga, my pet Owl, meditating and green tea. I’m SUPER dedicated to our environment, I track my carbon footprint, make sure to ALWAYS recycle ANDDDDDD my tree house runs on solar energy (DUH). Sometimes people mistake my shyness for being stuck up, but I swear I’m not! You might feel turned off at my distant exterior when you first meet me, but if you get to know me, you’d see that I’m all gooey, soft and sparkly inside!


Hola chicas! Susana here. I’m the proud latina of the group. YAS LATINA KWEENS UNITE! I’m an aspiring singer, dancer and actress. BOOM I’m the total triple threat 😉 I’m also super into fashion, interior design and mostly anything that sparkles 😀 P.S. I have the cutest little munchkin dog named Monroe, she is such a D I V A, I can’t even! When I’m not recording in the studio I love to do MAKEOVERS on my friends, TOO. MUCH. FUN.


HAIIIII chics! It’s your ALOHA lady here, Alissa! DAS RIGHT. I’m a #BEACHBABY all day every day! But don’t get it twisted, I spend little time tanning, mostly I’m doing any kind of water sport I can get my hands on, sports on dry land also do the trick. I love wrestling, basketball, skiing, etc. But I can’t deny my first true love, which is OBVI surfing. There’s nothing quite like facing a huge wave alone in that ocean. The bigger it builds in front of you, the higher the adrenaline pumps through your veins and when you FINALLY ride through that BIG MAMA wave AND you do it successfully, well … there’s no better feeling in the world! In that second, I feel absolutely FREE.



Bonjour mademoiselles! It’s your StelloGirl chef, Justine! I live in NYC, meaning I have access to all the amazing spices and ingredients in the WORLD and TRUST, I use that to my advantage. I LURV hosting dinner parties, cooking for everyone, seeing their happy faces when they’re eating and asking for seconds with their mouths are full! It makes me feel like FIRE. I’m obsessed with my cat Bernie, almost all food, French Music and with the idea of owning my restaurant one day. And it’s TRUST when I say, that’s GOING to happen!



Hi girls, my name is Adi! Some people at school think I’m kind of dark and scary, and in a way they’re right. I do have a bit of VAMP tendancies. Like, I LOVE chilling in the dark, whether I’m reading a book or journaling, it’s always better in the dark with some candlelight twinkling by my side. I’m a complete SUCKER for romance, 12 dozen roses, a candle-lit dinner, carnival dates? COUNT ME IN!  I’ve been writing poetry since I was a little girl and some of the stuff I write is a bit dark, but really I’m a pretty happy girl, with LOTS (and I mean LOTS) of emotions – getting them out on that paper really helps!



There are StelloPets too you know!

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