Yo whatsup guys. I don’t really need an intro so I’ll keep it short and sweet. The name is Shachi and I’m NOT your average girl. Who needs a ride to school when you have a skateboard that is on fleek? My hair is like a mood ring the ends are always changing color. If people at school are being haters, I dye the ends of of my hair red! My world is pretty colorful. The walls in my room are always changing color too. It drives my sister cRaZy. We share our crib and she drew a line down the middle of the room. You can clearly tell which side is mine though because I graffitied my walls and it looks completely awesomesauce. My sister thinks graffiti is just scribble but let’s be real, it’s totally art and I’m the queen of it. I’ll post a pic of my room soon so you guys can check it out!

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