Hola Chicas, it’s your boo SUSANA here! Ya’ll already know I’m a dancing QUEEN, so when I found out there was a workout inspired by ballet that supposedly TRANSFORMED your physique I just HAD to try it out! I know Barre Studios have been around for awhile but I only recently found out about ’em and I’m already obsessed! Even though it was designed by a ballerina, you don’t need to have ANY dance training to do it! 

I’ve only been a couple of times and EVERY TIME the class kicks my BUTT! The moves are pretty simple but they’re SUPER hard! They isolate specific muscles and you really feel the burn! Like seriously I’m always CRAZY sore afterwards, but feel like I definitely accomplished something! 

One of the main differences between barre and other typical strength training classes is that instead of LARGE movements you’re really focusing on tiny increments. One of the phrases you hear over and over in barre is “Up an inch, down an inch” it’s either that or PULSE! LOL!

I work out a LOT but I never FEEL it like when I do barre! My legs get all wobbly like a bowl of jell-o when I’m in the middle of the workout, which sucks at the time but also lets me know that I’M FIRED UP AND DOING WORK!

It’s SO hard and I can’t always do all the moves or I have to rest for a bit…but I still feel so PROUD of myself for trying and doing what I can! In the classes it’s not a competition with anyone else, I’m there for ME! To push myself and do my PERSONAL best! Cus there are other girls in the class that CRUSH IT every time and they make all the moves look so easy, meanwhile I’m flopping around sweating bullets just trying to hold my arms up! But I know that they were once where I am, and if I keep pushing myself I can get to their level too! And you know what…I already feel myself getting stronger!

So try it out if you can! And for my girlies who already do barre, what do you think? What is your FAV workout? Let me know!

XOXO – Susana