What’s up?! Alissa here! Dude, those waves were crazy! What a perfect day for surfing and soaking up some sun! Not to mention, I totally dominated in the surf competition this morning! I took a drop into this sweet wave and rode it all the way to victory!

But can I be totally honest here for a sec? Being at the beach, surfing, sitting in the sun… it’s all so amazing, but there’s always one moment that I find myself dreading. It’s that moment when I have to take off my jean shorts and my shirt, and be in a bathing suit in front of everyone. It’s the only thing I hate about surfing… that moment when you feel kind of … exposed I guess. I think to myself … Should I just put on my wet suit on the beach like everyone else? No no, I’m going to look so awkward struggling to put it on! You could just sneak away to one of the beach cabanas to put it on … I debate within my head. The struggle is so real! But today i decided not to care. I just put on my wet suit and plunged into the water! It felt so gooood! With the water all around me I’m safe, and with my badass surfing skills, I own the ocean. I’m going to go celebrate my victory with a juice smoothie at the surf shop while I upload my GoPro footage! Tune in soon to check out how I totally crush those waves!

I’m sure we’ve all had feelings like mine today. We all have a thousand thoughts (and sometimes insecurities) constantly running through our minds. But it’s all about paying attention to the thoughts that make us feel good about ourselves! Have you ever had a similar experience?

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