Tap tap tap on the back of the desk 

Black boots dance on metal
Evil eye, stares, glares, groans
The boy in front doesn’t understand my dance
Tap tap tap on the back of the desk
My boots make music not noise…

Ahhh! I’ve done it again. Sitting in history class, trying to focus and before I know it I’m writing poems. By the way, I’m Adi, or if you want you can call me Duli. Most of my teachers get super mad at me. They tell my parents that “I don’t try hard enough” or that “I’m too creative”. Too creative? I think that’s a great thing! There are just so many stories swirling in my head that I have to write them down. If I don’t, I think I’ll explode! Some of my classmates think that I’m “mysterious”. I never really got that. If you read the poems and stories I post on my blog, you can read me like an open book. Pun intended! Have you ever written a cool poem or story?
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