What up girlz, it’s Shachi here! It finally feels like SUMMER in NYC! I LURV the beginning of summer! It feels like anything is possible, anything could happen! At the same time though it always brings on this WAVE of nostalgia for the school year that is ending, especially for all the seniors that are graduating and moving on to new chapters of their lives! That’s why this month’s Popsugar box feels so ON TARGET! It’s serving up some serious Summer Nostalgia REALNESS and I LURV IT! 

If you follow us on Instagram (and let’s be real you SHOULD be following us on Instagram!), you’ve probably already seen my unboxing in the Instastories! 

Too cute right?! Let’s get a closer look at this month’s MUST HAVES!

Nicely Noted – Exclusive Must Have Card Collection

GIRL. You KNOW I lurv anything exclusive!!! I love love love greeting cards, and I’ve been trying to use them more on the reg! Everyone loves getting mail, especially something handwritten, it really let’s your friends and family know how extra you are! LOL! Instagramer Tip: I love to pop little cards like this in the background of my shot cus it’s a low-key way to elevate the photo! Try it out!


Southern Culture Artisan Foods, Inc – Strawberry Cream Muffin Mix

YOOOOOO THO. Are these muffins gonna come out PINK?! I would DIE that would be so cute! Even if they don’t, I’m still into it! Muffin mix just brings me back to those of like, baking with my Mom on a Sunday morning! And strawberries are the PERF summer fruit, can’t wait to make these! And don’t worry girls, I will DEF be making a post about baking up these muffins! Believe that.


Swing Design – Essex Silver Plate Frame

What was I just saying about nostalgia?! This chic silver-plated frame is so perfect for displaying those perfect instagrammable moments you don’t ever want to forget! This is also the PERFECT excuse to print out a BUNCH of photos because as obsessed as I am with taking photos…I don’t actually have a lot of them laying around the house! WHELP. That’s gonna change!

Tocca – Voyage Montauk 3

You know when you get a Tocca candle it’s gonna be a classic, no matter what! This one is no exception. The fresh scent evokes some serious ocean-spa vibes that help clear away the stress from the day! Definitely gonna light this one up when I’m ready for some well deserved downtime!

Samantha Faye – Inspiration Cuff

Another Popsugar EXCLUSIVE! YAS YAS YAS! Along the band are the words  be good. do good. feel good. I love this little wearable mantra, and I love how simple the design is! The words are barely noticeable, like it’s written there just for me. 

Lipstick Queen – Mornin’ Sunshine

The lipsticks is MAGIC! YES it’s yellow, which tbh I would totally rock anyway, but it doesn’t stay yellow! It TRANSFORMS using your PH into a custom coral shade that’s different EVERY USE! It’s like a million different shades in one! It’s also packed with Vitamin E and Sunflower Oil to keep your lips SUPER MOISTURIZED in the summer sun, I’m already obsessed with it. How have I gone so long without this in my LIFE?!

And that’s all she wrote girlies! Thank you POPSUGAR for this amaze collection of summer goodness! If you’re interested in getting your own box CLICK HERE!

What is your fav thing from the box? Let me know in the comments!

XOXO – Shachi


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