Hola chicas, it’s your boo Susana! Why am I all smiles today? I’LL TELL YA!  I GOT MY MAY GLAM BAG FROM IPSY and it’s LITTTTTT! Seriously nothing brightens my day like that shiny pink bag popping up on my doorstep! LURV!

Looks like the theme for this bag is #SummerFriday, AKA all the picks to make my warm weather dreams come true!! Like real talk, Ipsy got me wanting to run to the store, buy a human-sized sprinkle donut floatie, find a pool and call it a day!  

Here’s all the goodies from May!

Bold Brow from City Color – Ya DUH I gotta have my brows on fleek this summer! Let’s keep it 100, more than HALF my makeup routine is spent doing my brows and that’s mostly cus I can’t ever get a shade that matches my color quite right, BUT this baby got two colors, time to mix and match!

Afterglow Highlighter from Urban Decay – I actually am already in LURV with all things Urban Decay so it was a special delight to find this in my bag! Got those snapchat filter, champagne glow vibes going on and I am totally HERE FOR IT! I also love that this formula is super lightweight but will LEGIT stay on ALL. NIGHT.  Also gotta mention this shade is called SIN like LOL please, the only sin I’m committing is being to FIERCE UP IN HERE, OKAY.

Superhero Mascara from IT Cosmetics – I cannot tell you how many different tubes of mascara I have scattered around my house. I feel like I’ve legit tried EVERY. BRAND. and I STILL haven’t found one that I LURV beyond all others. Gotta say though….anything called Superhero Elastic Stretch is worth a try! First impressions on this one, the brush def FANNED OUT my little lashes! So it’s most def living up to its name!

Pure Lust from CAILYN Cosmetics – Who comes UP with these NAMES!? Can that be my job please? K thnx BYE! This lipstick is in a matte finish AND is ACTUALLY hydrating. GIRLS. DO YOU KNOW HOW RARE THAT IS? It’s practically the unicorn of liquid lipsticks! Plus the color is a beautiful cinnamon-nude. Plus in a beautiful cinnamon-nude? YASSSS. You see why this bag brings me LIFE?

Surfer Girl from Adesse New York – I FIRMLY believe you can NEVER have enough nail polish! Shoot I got a WHOLE CABINET dedicated to all my different nail polishes! Love this beachy color AND the fact that this polish is vegan, cruelty free, and totes non-toxic.

Finally the GLAM BAG itself! They got those Summer Friday Vibes on POINT with this lil waterproof cutie, perfect for bringing all my new beauty helpers to them pool parties!

Which is your FAV product from my May Glam Bag? Let me know in the comments!


XOXO – Susana

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