Hello hello, Adi here girlies! So obviously you all know I’m all about that candle lifestyle, right? Like seriously is there anything better than just lighting a few candles and snuggling up with a book? Got that cozy lifestyle on LOCK!!! Well recently I discovered that there was a candle SUBSCRIPTION BOX! YAS YAS YAS! DREAMZ! The company is called Vellabox and they are seriously LIT (LOL)!

I got my first box yesterday and it’s so fantastic! Vellabox is like the ULTIMATE comfort experience! The candles are non-toxic, lead free, hand poured, and from the BEST companies in the country! 

The packaging was SO CUTE! The candles came wrapped in really adorbz patterned fabric (which I’ve already found like a bazillion uses for)! They also came with a strawberry fruit rollup? LOL! Like so random but also…totally delicious! All packages should come with fruit rollups!

The candles I got this month were two DELICIOUSLY fresh scents that are PERFECT for Spring! The big one is Mango Papaya which basically smells like I’m on a tropical cruise, with the sea breeze in my hair and a coconut drink in my hand!  The smaller one is Lilkoi Guava and basically transports you to a hammock under a shady tree. All in all these candles were the PERFECT mood lifter for the month!

The two candles were only $30, which if you’re all about that candle life you know what a STEAL that is for TWO candles! WOOHOO! 

Definitely LURV IT and can’t wait for next month’s box!!

What do you think girlies? Would you try it out? What other subscription boxes do you want to see? LET US KNOW IN THE COMMENTS!

XOXO – Adi