Aloha GIRLIES and HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!! I know I know, it’s a corporate holiday made up by greeting card companies BLAH BLAH BLAH. So maybe that’s true…but you know what? WHO CARES! It’s still a GREAT DAY to SPREAD THE LURV!!!

That is exactly what I plan to do today, and I’m a little nervous about it! STORY TIME! Okay so there is this GUY :D! He’s SUPER cute and like an incredible surfer! It’s actually really funny how we met, we seem to know the same “secret” surf spots around the Island! We kept running into each other and we were like “DAMN! Must be FATE! I guess we’re supposed to be friends!” 

ANYWAY, we only really see each other out on the water and….IDK I kinda wanna ask him out!!! I’ve NEVER asked out a guy before though and…I guess girls aren’t really supposed to make the first move? But says WHO?! RIGHT?! Who says a girl can’t make the first move?! I don’t want to be someone that waits around for things she’s wants! I guess that’s easier said than done though…WHAT IF HE SAYS NO?!

YIKES. I’m so nervous, but you know what? If it doesn’t make your heart beat faster than what’s the point?! I guess I’ll just STRAIGHT UP ASK HIM! I know he’s gonna be out on the waves today so I’ll just be like “Hey! What are you doing after this? Do you want to get dinner?” That’s totally normal right? LOL. I’m so nervous but also SO EXCITED!

What about you girlies? Have you ever asked someone out before? How did it go! Share in the comments!!!

XOXO – Alissa