OH EMM GEE YASS QUEEN M!! StelloGirl Alissa here! Have you ever had that moment when you find yourself dancing like no one’s watching? You don’t care what anyone around you thinks, you lose sight of your environment and all you hear is the beat. In that moment you find absolute freedom.

OK real talk. In the past I could only really enjoy dancing when I was with my really close friends or in front of my mirror -ALONE. But that all changed a year ago when I went to this party with my StelloGirl Susana. I was all awkward-robot at first. I was just kinda bobbing in place. I kept saying stuff to myself like “idiot – you dance like an idiot!” LOL – but for reals I was so mean to myself!

I caught sight of this one chick in the corner of the room. She was moving CRAAAAAY –doing all this hippie, twirling stuff with her hands. IDK her real name so we’ll call her hippie. Hippie was ACTUALLY dancing like no one was watching. I was shocked. I felt uncomfortable watching her – she was so WEIRD!! I looked over at the other side of the room, there was this cute guy I had been eyeing. He was in the middle of a group of friends. They were all so cool. All dressed right, moving their heads to the music just on time, straight chillin. I looked back at Hippie to judge a lil more. But then I caught sight of her face. Her smile was wide, the kind that makes your eyes wrinkle on the sides – that’s how you know someone’s REALLY smiling. Her hands swung in the air in all directions, off-beat. I loved the way she took up space without apologizing, she OWNED the room. She didn’t care if we liked her or not, she wasn’t trying to be cool. She was dazzling in her freedom. Her lack of coolness made her …. COOOl AF. Ya know what I mean?

I glanced back at the “cool cats.” They were so aware of their surroundings, so thought-out and filtered. Suddenly I realized they were… L A M E. I wanted to shake them! Tell them to LIVE!! But first I needed to shake myself. I closed my eyes, listened to the music, and pushed away the thoughts in my head. I just heard the beat of the song. The beat became everything. I saw myself on the beach by my house, on a dark night, dancing by myself under the moonlight. And in that moment, I felt true freedom.

OBVI queen of pop Madonna had to make it to our featured quotes in honor of women’s history month. QUEEN M weeee LOVE YOU 💋 Oh and speaking of dancing … The weekend is almost here !!! Go get ur dance on StelloGirls 👯👯 xoxox- Alissa

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