Hello hello girlies!! Adi here! Even though it’s been warming up a little this week it’s still TOTALLY BATH SEASON! (lol jk it’s ALWAYS bath season)! No surprise I am a total BATH person! They always give off such a dreamy, romantic vibe and are a great way to just recenter myself! Obviously where there are baths there are bath BOMBS! And where there are bath bombs there is LUSH!!!! I LURV Lush, but let’s be real…EVERYONE LURVS LUSH!! 

Lush is LITERALLY the greatest! I got turned onto them by my girl Victoria because they are basically her in company form LOL! They have been fighting against animal testing for DECADES and 100% of their products are vegetarian! I’m sure you’ve all seen their INTERGALACTIC Bath Bomb all over Instagram! YES it’s a little bit over done but uhm HELLO! That’s because it’s SO GORGEOUS, of course you gotta post it to the ‘gram!

Like seriously LOOK AT THIS BAD BAD!

I think it’s probably the PRETTIEST bath bomb Lush has EVER created! It’s SUPER COLORFUL and SO GLITTERY! YAS YAS YAS! Like can we PLEASE talk about all this neon color?! It’s mostly blue with shades of neon pink and YELLOW and it is PACKED with SPARKLES!

This bath bomb fizzles beautifully in the water leaving a trail of galactic unicorn VIBES in it’s wake!

When it’s all bubbled out the bath is a beautiful dark blue color that smells a little earthy and a little minty so it’s PERF for flu season because it clears up those sinus!

Sitting in this color swirl I just felt so PEACEFUL! I would DEFF order again! 10/10!!

XOXO – Adi