Namaste Girlies, it’s Victoria! How is everyone doing?! It’s Thursday which means it’s ALMOST Friday, which means it’s PRACTICALLY WINTER BREAK! PHEW. The promise of rest and relaxation is ALL that is getting me through these last couple of days. I swear I am constantly on the verge of an EPIC meltdown! Finals are SO HARD and I’m SO unbelievably stressed out! It’s like no matter how much I study, I am still not making any progress! On top of that I’ve got these HUGE projects and Holiday stuff AND my skin is starting to break out and UGH. LIFE. It just feels like a crazy scary MOUNTAIN OF STUFF TO DOOOOOOO. And I have no idea HOW I’m gunna make it all the way up that mountain. AAAAAAAAAH.


I’m okay.

Honestly I CANNOT afford to have a panic attack right now, but I don’t always have control over that. I get pretty bad anxiety on calm days – so you can imagine how this time of year is especially stressful.

It sucks because I know SO many people have anxiety like me, but there’s like this stigma surrounding Mental Health which makes me feel like I can’t talk about my anxiety. It’s like I’m afraid it’ll make it worse like…what if someone makes fun of me or thinks I’m weird or something. Like GIRL WHY CAN’T YOU RELAX!?! And I’m all like IDK I WISH I COULD!

That’s the main reason why I got into Yoga and meditation. It really helps change my anxious mindset from “THIS IS THE WORST POSSIBLE THING TO HAPPEN EVER.” to “This is hard, but I’ll be okay”. Like that is such an important shift, because I WILL get through it…I WILL be okay! Even though the rough patches SUCK and are insanely difficult…I will ALWAYS battle my way out and come out on the other side because I have an AMAZE support system of family and friends AND because I AM IN CHARGE OF MY LIFE – I just have to keep repeating that to myself until I fully believe it, LOL, haven’t completely mastered that yet.

I have however mastered a couple of nifty tricks to help me calm down when things get bad. Look out for my VLOG coming soon on some meditation tricks that can help you feel like … TOTALLY ZEN!

And until then … Just breath. We’re gonna be okay! I promise !
XOXO – Victoria