CHICASSS!! Whatsup? It’s Susana and Justine reporting from Valencia, Spain! We promised you girlies some fun adventures and get ready for this post because we’re covering a super cool event. LAS FALLAS. TBH we never even heard of LAS FALLAS before we visited Valencia, since it’s really only a Valencian tradition, but we have to say- it’s by far one of the strangest and coolest celebrations we’ve ever heard of. We’re HIGH KEY EXCITED!!

Let’s start off with a little explanation. First of all, Las Fallas means “the fires” in Valencian and it’s all in honor of St. Joseph, who is the saint of carpenters. But let’s skip ahead to the fun stuff, shall we?

SOOO the whole festival is focused around the creation of massive statues that are made out of cardboard, paper-mache, plaster … you get the point wink-emoticon In Valencia these statues are called “ninots” AKA “puppets.” These ninots are a BIG. DEAL. Different neighborhood organizations are in charge of creating their own ninots, which take several months to build! Some groups get more money for their creations and these are normally the ones with the really huge and impressive figures! Some ninots are several stories high and cost up to 100 thousand dollars!!! DAMNNN that’s a lot of cash money 😉

So the origins of this crazy fiesta started WAYYYY back in the day when Valencians used to burn old pieces of wood and scraps in celebration of the beginning of spring, but overtime the wood and scraps grew in size, creativity, meaning and beauty. These days the ninots are true art pieces that are beautiful and can be viewed around the city in the days leading up to Las Fallas. There are hidden holes within the ninots that are filled with fireworks. YASSSS.

Las fallas officially begins on the 15th of March and lasts 5 days. But ALL THE THINGS happen on the last day of the festival: known as La Crema. Sounds mysterious, right? 🙂 At midnight hundreds of thousands of people gather, the streetlights shutdown and BOOOM! -All the ninots are SET ON FIRE!!! Slash there are tons of fireworks all over the city. Apparently the sounds are crazy loud and some people even stay home to avoid the event all together. But we personally cannot WAIT until the 19th – it’s going to be real cray cray!

Take a look at our collage – we picked out some of our favorite ninots – we thought you girlies might like them too. Check out Pocahontas on the bottom- she even got a chocker and everythinnnn – these Valencians totally get us!! Most of the ninots today poke fun at local politicians and celebs- which we think is pretty genius.

So what do YOU think? Too cray for you? Just cray enough? Personally we think there must be something super liberating about the whole thing – art, fireworks AND flames? Sounds like a true festival to us! Xoxo Justine & Susana

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