Hey Stellogirls! Or should I say mademoiselles? Justine here !! Can you guess where I am ? Check out my pic and you’ll know for sure!!! DASSS RIGHT — I’m in Paris !!! Well actually I’m just on the way to Spain to meet my gurrllll Susana — but but but I get to have a fun little stopover in Paris – and who doesn’t LOVE Paris ? Even if it is for just a bit! I had JUST enough time to indulge in some French deliciousness. Check out that “citron merengue” in my collage, AKA lemon merengue if we’re not being fancy : ) Soooo delishhhhh. I also totes swooned over the macaroon selection … macaroons are the BEST because they’re sweet AND colorful. If you haven’t had one yet – you don’t need to fly all the way to Paris to get em, you can probably find them in a specialty store near you – and you SHOULD because they are amaze. My FAV flavor is definitely pistachio, because of the taste but also because I love the color 🙂 I ended up getting a whole box just with the pistachio macaroons 😉 I’m going to be in macaroon overload real soon!

Ahhh gotta run! – My flight to Spain is taking off soon. I’ll catch up with you girlies when I get there – make sure to check out our page this week, both Susana and I will be updating you girlies on our fun adventures in Espana!!

But really quick, which flavor macaroon would you choose? Strawberry? Chocolate? Lemon? Vanilla? PISTACHIO!??!? Let me know and maybe I can grab some new flavors on my way back home 🙂 🙂 xoxoox – Justine

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