Wutup STELLOGIRLS!? Justine here with a Do-It-Yourself <3  YAAAAAAS we love some DIYs I personally LURV cooking/baking DIYs because as you MIGHT recall -I am the MASTER chef in the StelloGirl group 😉 SOOOO my little cousin Amelie turned FIVE today. Cutie cutie cutie. I knew I had to get her something for her birthday but these days five year olds already have EVERYTHING. Gurl even has a bigger iPhone than ME… like whhhhat !!? PLEASE tell me who she could POSSIBLY be calling!!? Gurl even snaps me …. Craycray 😉 ANYWAYS Amelia always loves my baking and she has SUCH a sweet tooth, so I decided I’d make her something DELISH for her birthday party.

Amelie’s currently going through her ballerina phase (do you remember that phase? CUZ I DO!) A LOT of us go through that phase. She sits for hours and talks about how she’s going to be a PRIMA Ballerina, dancing for NYCB –AKA the NEW YORK CITY BALLET (DREAMSSSSSS). Truth is I don’t know if she’ll be a ballerina one day or not, but it’s not really the point … just sitting and listening to her talk about such HUGE dreams –it just makes me so proud of her! She’s got the confidence of a KWEEEEEN and I PRAY that she stays this confident her whole life. #BLESSED

Soooooo OBVI I decided to make her Marshmallow Ballerinas — So cute and SO easy. REAL TALK: with school AND my job and my LIFE in general – sometimes AINT nobody GOT TIME for some complicated recipes!! This DIY is legit SO EASY and it’s FUN FUN FUN. AND, most importantly it’s PINK PINK PINK !!! (AKA my little Ballerina’s fav color). OMG StelloGirl Susana would be SO into these… maybe I’ll make them for her birthday next year cuz let’s be real, even us teens are still digging some ballerina pink realness. Hope all my Ballerinas out there try out this recipe – if you do lemme know how it went! XOXOOX – Justine

What you NEEEEED:
1. Marshmallows (normal and mini sized)
2. Colored sugar (preferably PINK PINK PINK)
3. Mini cupcake liners (these will be turned upside down to look like little ballerina tutus).
4. Skewers
5. Water

1. Put the colored sugar in a bowl
2. Dip the top of the marshmallow in the water and then dip it in the colored sugar.
3. Put the colored marshmallow on the skewer
4. Then put a mini cupcake liner below it – so that it looks kind of like a cute tutu wink-emoticon
5. Skew a mini marshmallow below the cupcake liner also (to make sure the “tutu” holds up)
6. Then line up your Ballerina Marshmallows in a decorated cardboard box or on a nice plate and VOILA – you have little ballerina deliciousness <3