Haiii lovies! Are you ready to talk about the PLY fashion show!? Because I so am. Let’s give you girls a quick breakdown. PLY is a luxury, plus-size fashion brand with a mission to empower curvy women – so obvs I was super excited to go see their fashion show. After almost a week of seeing fashion collections on very skinny models, it was exciting and refreshing to see a collection on curvy models. I’d like to point out real quick that I’m NOT size-biased! I like the typical runway models BUT BUT BUT I also adore full-figured models workinnn the runway! PLY was as good as I had hoped – curves curves curves EVERYWHERE – AND. I. LOVED. IT.

Soooo let’s get to the actual clothes! Overall the collection was really gorgeous: modern and chic. One of my FAVS was definitely the look with the crooked top hat. I’m totally into the menswear style and I think PLY nailed it. The blazer is life! With the white collar peeking out and the low cut neckline – it’s the perfect combo of masculinity and femininity.

But there was one thing about PLY that REALLY got me good – the CROP TOPS. I don’t know about you, but I am completely, 100%, Madly. In. Love. with crop tops! I’ve read posts about curvy girls “breaking the rules” and “daring” to wear a crop top. Meanwhile I’m like …. What rule are we breaking here??? There. Are. No. Rules. Wear what you want, when you want. Period.

I would definitely wear ALL of their crop tops – actually the white one on the bottom kinda looks like my shirt! My favorite though was definitely the black lace crop top matched with sporty crème colored pants. TREND ALERT: take a sporty piece of clothing and pair it with an elegant item to get the perfect look. You end up looking super cute AND like you didn’t try so hard 😉

BIG kudos to PLY for proving once again that all girls can rock a crop top!! Xoxo.

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