Greetings Girlies, it’s RACHAEL! Okay, I gotta admit something here – I have been STRESS EATING like THERE IS NO TOMORROW!!! Every time I get close to finals I just IMMEDIATELY go back to all my unhealthy eating habits like cheetos on cheetos ON CHEETOS!

And lemme tell ya something, I can tell my body is MAD AT ME RN, it’s practically screaming “RACHAEL, GET IT TOGETHER GIRL!!!” It all feels so backwards, like I’m eating all the junky food because it saves time and energy ya know? But then after the initial SUGAR BOOST I’m basically a useless, grumpy lump with a raging headache!

Like…I should have just taken the time to make real food in the first place! THANKS PROCESSED FOODS. BAH. I LOVE YOU AND HATE YOU SO MUCH!  

So after another angry grumble from my stomach I decided I’m gonna try something out here to get me back on track, A JUICE CLEANSE! Except it’s not so much a cleanse as a RESET!

Here’s my plan. I’m gonna take two days, drink some juice (and SOUP) and just RESET my whole system so that I can get back on track and hopefully kick the cravings for junk food!

Real talk, this is my first time doing something like this, so I’m a bit nervous, but I have you girlies holding my hand virtually! Girl POWER. So, I’ll let you girlies know how it goes in TWO days!


I basically RAIDED my local Juice Press and set myself up for SUCCESS! Heres what I got

  • 3 juices
  • 1 protein shake
  • 2 ginger shots
  • 2 soups

I added in the soups since I’m a newbie and as I said…this isn’t so much a cleanse as a RESET! My plan is basically gonna be Morning Juice, Lunch Soup, Afternoon GINGER SHOT, Evening Juice, Late Evening Soup and drink a lot a lot A LOT OF WATER throughout the day!

Here are my GOALS for this little reset:

  • Reset my appetite, get away from the junk food!
  • Get rid of bloating
  • Get my energy back!

I gotta stress, girlies, there are so many TERRIBLE ways to do a juice cleanse that are REALLY dangerous for you! I know I’m new to this but I did my RESEARCH! Like you can’t just DRINK JUICE for two weeks and not eat, don’t do that please! It’s just not smart or healthy! Don’t do a juice cleanse with the goal of losing weight! If at any time during these next two days my body is like “NOPE. NOT DOING THIS!” That’ll be it and I’ll go find some pasta! LOL! ALWAYS listen to your body! A’ight girls, check back later this week for JUICE RESET UPDATES!

Got any juicing tips? Share ’em in the comments!

XOXO – Rachael

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