Namaste Girlies, it’s Victoria! I canNOT stop smiling today and it has everything to do with the fact that I have some seriously AMAZING FRIENDS!

STORYTIME: So OBVS you all know me, I’m a total nature-loving, yogi KWEEN who LURVS living that vegan life! I’m also maybe a TEENSY bit obsessed with HONEY! LOL, yeah. I’m basically Winnie-the-Pooh but HEAR ME OUT! I firmly believe that honey can be used for EVERYTHING! Gotta cold? HONEY! Dry skin? HONEY! Can’t sleep? HONEY! Making a smoothie? ADD SOME HONEY! Seriously…what CAN’T IT DO! So being the Honey-Lover that I am, I always keep a little bit on me at all times! Like Beyonce with her hot sauce, got honey in my bag! SWAG!

Well knowing this, some of my friends pooled together to buy me the HONEY box from LUSH for literally NO REASON other than they thought of me when they saw it! OMG can you even believe how amaze these girlies are? A bunch of honey products from a brand that is 100% Vegetarian and fights animal testing like…THIS IS MY JAM! 

ADDED BONUS the box came wrapped in this Knot-Wrap that is absolutely to DIE for! It can be reused as like a scarf, tote, or ANYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF! LOVE LOVE LOVE! It’s so gorgeous!

I literally couldn’t be happier! And this is also just a great reminder to LURV your friends and ever take them for granted!! In fact, send a text right now to your squad and let them know they are all BEE-UTIFUL BABES who deserve the WORLD!

I am BUZZIN’ and can’t wait to try out all my new products!!! You can find all the deets on the Honey Box HERE!

Have your friends surprised you with something sweet recently? Share your story in the comments!

XOXO – Victoria

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