WHATS UP GIRLZ. Yoyo here!! Hope everyone is having a truly AMAZE weekend! We at Stellogirls are going CRAZY with excitement over Miss Universe! I love love LOVE these kinds of world wide events! Like the Olympics, or the World Cup! All these different countries coming together, getting to know each other, building relationships! SO MAGNIFICENT!

In the spirit of embracing our cultures, I wanna talk to you about MY home country! ISRAEL! That’s right girlies, Stellogirls is GLOBAL! LOL. I live in Tel Aviv which is basically the NYC of Israel! It’s a beautiful city that’s got 24 hour culture, all day EVERY DAY!

Obvs being from Israel I’m FULLY ROOTING for Yam Kaspers Anshel -the Israeli candidate! GIRL.DO.IT! Yes of course I ALSO LURV Miss USA, but…come on…ya gotta root for your HOME GURL. Yam is 18 years old and competes in pageants and horseback riding! She LURVS scuba diving, boating, and lounging in the sand. A real beach girl after my own heart. Tel Aviv has got some GORGEOUS beaches, so I FEEEEL that!

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XOXO – Yoyo